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Become Income partner at DHSC shopping worldwide, earn income, get discounts
Want to get a business for your self? This is a new concept: The Discount Home Shoppers Club. You can join now for free, as an associate member!
You can start your own internet business, from home behind your P.C. and earn some real income (honest). You also get an online course. You can
become (only just) a shopper member too. When you become a Vested income partner(VIP) with us you get your own network of members from DHS
Club. This network is building Paypoints for you, done by the members in your downline. You never fail with this business, it's always growing! You
can visit our clubshopmall too, and get rewardpoints (discounts) on your income . Worldwide participation! Worldwide Clubshopmall partnerships with
5000 wellknown shops! You can join as just a shopper too! You can join free, and start making income! The Work at Home business opportunity of
home business, start your own business job, make

money for second income. The unique opportunity of making money online !
Built your own business at home. To be able to earn money from internet as a home job. To be able to create your own business making money
online, you work on your own business opportunity! There are not many easy ways to earn money online, but this is a chance. This is only one of the
"making money ideas" that this job with this business opportunity can offer you. You can discover our way of working with this business opportunity,

FREE AND WITHOUR OBLIGATIONS, as an associated member(to submit:Click on the “link” at the bottom of this page)

You will then get your own Homepage from us, this page will contain information about our Work at Home possibility, but you will also have the
possibility to shop online in our Clubshopmall with discounts. The Clubshopmall works together with about 5000 Affiliates (wellknown shops,
companies ) from all over the world.When you become a member with us, we will build a network for you, of members. You will have a period of 30
days to take a close look at our business and make your decision.You will also be informed about the situation within your network building.
This is our goal: we support you by sponsoring and working together as a team!

Together we archieve more, and this will only work with good coaching for our associates. Working together as a team and coaching members is a
very important point within our business organisation, during your internal course that you complete in fases, online! For every fase that you complete
you will get a test, if you pass it, you will make extra income by making a promotion in our business organisation. This is unique within our business!
All your work will be paid of here, with an extra income online! Eventually you can earn a serious extra income with us, as you climb up in our business
organisation to higher job positions!
Thousands of people like you and I have decided to work at home, they started with our business for extra income online, and after a relatively short
period they have quitted their own job, because they liked this more! This opportunity at home is a fairly new idea of making moneyonline.This is the
result of our unique P.C. Work at Home business , that is also introduced all over the world . Do you want to make money from the growing internet
traffic and the offered opportunities with it, then this is your opportunity and be aware of the fact that you will be supported by more than 5000
wellknown worldwide affiliate shops (merchants)

What is the DHS Club?

The DHS Club (Discount Home Shoppers Club)is a shopping organisation that is supported by lots of worldwide (online/offline) shops. Still more and
more new shops decide to participate in the DHS Club, every day. They take part in our business because they can do this for FREE and the practical
working of this is very simple. These shops are giving discounts on their productsto be able to participate into the DHS Club.

The DHS Club has 3 types of differend members :

Shopper Member :
this member is shopping in our online malls, (

Associated Member :
this member is taking part in our Club for free, to decide if he/she will become a V.I.P.;

The V.I.P. Member :
this member 
earns his or her income within the DHS Club, with the network we will provide them with and we will help build it for them. This V.I.P. member can also get Paypoints (discountpoints) from this network by the downline members that buy products from us, as an extra income.( by the way: you will not
have buying obligations !)This is only one of the several cash possibilities of how you can build your extra income with us! As your network grows, your
income will grow with it! Your network will always grow, and will always prosper. It will always be building and building, our organisation stands for
that, your downline members will build their businesses too, so it always keeps on going.

Where does the DHS Club stand for ?:

For more information about memberships

and enjoy E-conferences online, worldwide participation, you can chat and ask questions, fun for home.

  • What makes the DHSC Glocal Income different from any other online business opportunity?
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  • How the ClubBucks Rewards Card program works.
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  • The secret to building a long term, residual income

  • The ClubAdvantage Ten Step Training Program

  • The ClubAdvantage Business Building System and how it works

  • The future of the DHSC Glocal Income - why the best is yet to come!

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